About Us

We teach dog owners to be concise and convey purpose.
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Our Mission

Formal training provides the same foundation for a dog that formal education provides for a child. It gives the dog a broader base of knowledge to draw from in life. The main goal in training a dog or teaching a child is to develop a confident, well-rounded individual who can think on his or her own and make good decisions based on their life experiences. By training a dog, we can help them reach their full potential, become an animal that has a rich life and is a pleasure to be around, both in the community and at home.‚Äč

Meet the Pack



Owner, Head Trainer

Dogs connect with Gilles instantly. He is able to leverage this connection to quickly build trust that assists in training and teaching both dogs & families.

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Pack Leader

Elvis is our rockstar! He comes to us from Southern Alberta, and is an Aussie Bernedoodle (2 parts Poodle, 1 part Australian Shepard, 1 part Bernese Mountain Dog). He is a calm, gentle soul who excels when working with dog owners of all ages, especially kids! He’s a special dog and pleasure to have in our pack!

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Pack Leader

Jesse is a special member of our pack! A Yellow Lab, the son of Bear, and a professionally trained retriever. When he’s not out in the farm fields of Alberta working, Jesse is an important part of our pack setting a good example for other dogs, helping them discover their own confidence.