Our Services

By training a dog, we help them reach their full mental potential and help them become an animal that has a good life and is a pleasure to be around, both in the community and at home.


I’ll meet with your family and your dog to better understand some of the challenges you’re facing. In our first meeting, I’ll gather as much information as possible while answering any questions you may have. Together, we’ll formulate a custom training plan that works for the whole family!

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Family Coaching

From puppy to adult, the one-on-one private lessons are designed around real-life scenarios, with all members of the family. We will concentrate on proper leash control and handling to build a strong, trusting bond between you and your dog in every scenario. You will be given the necessary tools to build confidence, gain trust, and have an stress-free, enjoyable relationship with your dog.


For current or past clients, I’m now offering limited boarding spots. Relax knowing your dog is not only in good hands but having a vacation of their own hanging out with our pack and practicing their skills! Get photo and text updates throughout your trip, and come home to a happy, well behaved (and tired!) dog. Limited spots available, please reach out with your requested dates as early as possible.

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Daycare & Socialization

We all understand the significance of proper, supervised socialization for dogs. Daycare is designed to provide a safe and structured environment where dogs can interact with their peers under our watchful eye. This not only helps dogs develop important social skills but also promotes positive behavior and mental well-being. Proper socialization is crucial for a dog’s overall happiness and ability to thrive both in the community and at home.

Ongoing Support & Coaching

Once you have joined our pack, you gain access to our team for any questions, concerns, or advice. We are always available by phone or text to support you, your family, and your dog when anything arises.

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